Final summary | Cohete, from the start to the finish

Iván Ares could not become the milestone winning the Rally Princess of Asturias Rally-Ciudad de Oviedo for the third time in a row. The Galician driver has been eclipsed by José Antonio Suárez Cohete who imposed his pace from the very beginning using a good strategy. Cohete has been fast but, at the same time, cautious. In the final part of this 55th edition, with the victory almost ni his hands , he did not forget about Ares, who had made improvements in the car and felt very comfortable. The Asturian did not want to take unnecessary risks and make a mistake. The final difference between them was only 00: 32,800. The third was Dani Solá, who was returning to the Spanish Asphalt Rally Championship (CERA). Last year he had competed in the GR One legend category and now he achieved the third best time.

TC 4 and summary of the day | Only Ares overshadows Cohete on the first day

Three of the four scratches of the first day. That is the award for the Asturian pilot José Antonio Suárez Cohete in the first day of the Rally Princess of Asturias-City of Oviedo 2018. Only Ivan Ares, who has achieved the only scratch that Cohete has let escape, threatens his reign. These are the two names that have pointed out in the two passes of the special stages of Candamo and Llanera that have been raced today. The rest of the favorites seem to move, however, at a slower speed. Daniel Solá, in his return to the Spanish Rally Championship of Asphalt (CERA), occupies the third place, followed closely by Surhayen Pernía. The four, in their R5 that make the fans enjoy.

The most accessible Rally Princess of Asturias

The 55th edition of the Rally Princess of Asturias-Ciudad de Oviedo is the most accessible in history thanks to new technologies and social networks. The official web is connected to the app - available for Android and Apple - to the Facebook profile and to a Flickr account where all the images of the competition are being posted. The own contents, therefore, are available in a multitude of formats. Only on Thursday, the day before the start of the competition, more than 80,000 page views were recorded.

Shakedown and classification section

The appetizer of this Rally Princess of Asturias-Ciudad de Oviedo has been a shakedown of 3.50 kilometers, in Ribera de Arriba, with a layout recovered from two editions ago, which had left a good impression. The teams have made contact with the asphalt and have tested their sensations. As a novelty, in the same route of the shakedown has been held the so-called qualification section, which allowed, depending on the times, to choose the starting position for the first special stage, the TC1 Candamo. The Asturian driver José Antonio Suárez Rocket has been the fastest. He has stopped the clock in 2: 07.670 and wanted to start this 55th edition in second place. Iván Ares, who has made the second fastest time, will take the start in third place. On the other hand, Surhayen Pernía, third in times, will be the one who inaugurates the rally.

A massive exit ceremony heats the 55th edition of the Rally

The engines of the Rally Princess of Asturias-Ciudad de Oviedo 2018 resounded in the heart of Oviedo. Uría street has been the scene of a colorful official exit ceremony, which has allowed fans to enjoy a first contact with the cars and start placing their bets on the favorites of this 55th edition, with a historical inscription. The crowd has swirled on the sidewalks and in the surrounding streets where all the equipment waited for the signal.

Rally Princess of Asturias - City of Oviedo, in pictures

The 55th edition of the Rally Princess of Asturias - City of Oviedo will leave spectacular images during its development. Aware of the growing interest of fans, the organization provides high-quality snapshots of the entire event, starting with the technical checks, at the Palace of Exhibitions and Congress in the Calatrava building.

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