TC 5 Siero | Cohete maintains his hegemony at the start of the second day

Rally Blendio Princesa de Asturias


The section of Siero has opened the second day of the 55th edition of the Princess of Asturias Rally, with a great amount of public on both sides of the road and a slight fog in the highest part. José Antonio Suárez Cohete is still the fastest. He has done the scratch again - four in this edition - with a time of 8: 52,500. Iván Ares has remained at 4,700 and Daniel Solá at 8,600. In the global classification, Cohete is at 24,300 from Ares.

In spite of getting the best times, Cohete has recognized that the section of Siero "has not been very easy". And Ares has explained that he had found some difficulties. "I have not been very comfortable. I tried to attack but I think I had to put pressure on the tires", he said. Nor has it been easy for Surhayen Pernía, who has set the fifth fastest time: "I have not found the feeling with my driving. I will try to hurry in the next one ".

The organization asks fans to arrive in time to the stages and to be located in safe areas.

The timed section of Siero has 15.53 kilometers land starts at the mythical climb to Muncó, then continues with a descent to a right-hand crossroads. From there, the cars meet a narrower and freshly patched area. A fast left crossing marks the return to a wide road that goes up to Fumarea. The descent becomes more complicated until the finish line