TC 7 | Cohete, incontestable in Colunga

Rally Blendio Princesa de Asturias


The script has not changed. New scratch for José Antonio Suárez Cohete, second place for Iván Ares. The special of Colunga, the timed stage number 7 of this 55th edition of the Rally Princess of Asturias-Ciudad de Oviedo, has served to consolidate the undeniable leadership of the Asturian Cohete. In fact, he has reached his lead at 6,100 from Ares. The Asturian Oscar Palacio has set the third fastest time, ahead of Dani Solá.

The leader, Cohete, is calm and safe but cautious after having completed seven special stages: "We are rolling calmly, trying to balance between speed and safety. I'm comfortable. The car is going really well. So I am very happy, but we need to go curve by curve. "

Iván Ares keeps on waiting but he is aware that the assault on the head of the race is very complicated. "I also have to think about the championship and not just about winning the rally. A second place here, with Miguel Fuster out, is not bad", he said with some resignation, after completing the section.

The public placed on the edges of the road, some of them since 6.00 am. The weather conditions help the wait. 18 degrees early in the day in the area of​Colunga and the sky practically clear.

Other cups

With the TC 6 of Villaviciosa completed, the Junior R2 Scholarship is led by Jan Solans, with a time of 1: 02: 17.600. He is followed by José María González at 22,700. Both stand out in this cup among the rest of competitors.