TC 9 | Iván Ares achieves his second scratch of the rally

Rally Blendio Princesa de Asturias


Iván Ares has managed to take a second José Antonio Suárez Cohete in the second pass to the Siero timed section. The Galician driver has marked the scratch and stopped the clock at 8: 52.400. Cohete has lost 00: 01.200. However, the difference in the classification is still wide for the Asturian.

Ares has introduced some changes in the car that have been good and have left him "good feelings". He has explained that he is testing some improvements for the following races of the calendar of the Spanish Rally Championship of Asphalt (CERA). With respect to the Princess of Asturias-City of Oviedo, he pretends "to maintain the second position".

Cohete is not worried. He is resorting to the strategy and he has recognized it: "There is one less stretch left. We are going to keep rolling and racing with strategy, depending on how things develop".

In the second pass, the section has been faster, due to the disappearance of the fog, and with much more public.

Throughout the morning, there has been an important withdrawal. That is the case of Joan Vinyes, to whom a mechanical breakdown in his Suzuki Swift Sport R + N5 has left out of the race.

Other cups

At the end of TC 8 La Estrecha, the team formed by Víctor Magariños and Carlos Asorey, in a BMW M3 E30, headed one of the cups that is awakening more interest, the GR A Legend Rally. José María Martínez, co-piloted by Luka Larrosa, are at 00: 02.000. The provisional podium was completed by the driver Jesús Fernández and his co-driver José Manuel García, in a Subaru Impreza WRC.