TC 11 | Solá gets a scratch

Rally Blendio Princesa de Asturias


Dani Solá, at the wheel of his Fabia Skoda R5, has reached a scratch in this Rally Princess of Asturias-Ciudad de Oviedo dominated by José Antonio Suárez Cohete. Solá has recognized that he has gone "from less to more" and that kilometer after kilometer he has felt more comfortable. Thus, he achieved the best time in the TC 11 La Estrecha, with a time of 9: 56,200, which also allowed him to consolidate in the third global position.

Cohete, who has slow down a bit, has settled for the second best time. "We are racing safely. Zero risks and by the middle of the road ", explained the Asturian driver who wants to ensure the victory. Ares has not threatened him too much, as in this special he has left at almost two and a half seconds behind. "We keep racing and testing things. It is a pity not to have had another situation to be able to fight face to face but I also had to think about the championship ", said the Galician, with his mind set on the Spanish Rally Championship of Asphalt (CERA).

The fight for the fourth and fifth place between Oscar Palacio and Surhayen Pernía has encouraged this TC 11 La Estrecha, as the podium was practically decided. Palacio stopped the clock at 10: 03.500 and put Pernía almost 16 seconds ahead, getting practically that fourth place.

The Oviedo-Uvieu international stretch of 3.2 kilometers, which starts at 5:45 pm and will be broadcast live on TPA, will be the last of this 55th edition.