More than 130 registered for the 56 Rally Princesa de Asturias City of Oviedo

Rally Blendio Princesa de Asturias

More than 130 registered for the 56 Rally Princesa de Asturias City of Oviedo

Asturias and Oviedo, its capital, will once again become the center of the motor world with the celebration of the 56th edition of the Princesa de Asturias City of Oviedo from September 10 to 14.

As every year, the organizing committee strives to improve, introducing small changes in the route and promotional news, adjusting to the evolution and new times, but always trying to maintain the essence and tradition of what is the oldest rally in the national event.

Only four days left for the closing of registrations that will take place on August 28 at 7:00 p.m., there are more than 130 registered teams, which suggests a great participation in the test, scoring for the FIA ​​ERT Iberian Rally Trophy (ERT Iberia), the Spanish Rally Super Championship (S-CER), the Spanish Terra Mundis Asphalt Rally Championship (CERA-TerraMundis) and the Asturias Rally Championship.

The usual teams leading the national competitions and their trophies and cups, the N5 Rmc Motorsport Cup, the Suzuki Swift Cup and the Dacia Sandero Cup, to which the participation of the Asturian Trophies Volan Fapa and their national participation are added, will not be missing Ecomodular Challenge

In addition, Princesa de Asturias City of Oviedo always has some last-minute surprise for both drivers who reappear for the occasion and new top-class vehicles.

In the Autonomous Contest, the regulars of the Asturias Rally Championship, the Beteta Cup Automobiles, the Aramo Rozas Propulsion Cup, the Luisón Trophy, the Homologastur Turbo Cup, the Sportech Kopa, monarch with Ford Fiesta cars from the Country will also be of departure. Vasco and the LegendPrincesa Trophy of Asturias.

On September 3, the official lists of registrants will be announced with the teams that will depart from the central Calle Uría de Oviedo on September 12.

Oviedo, August 25, 2019.

ACPA Communication Department

56 Princesa de Asturias City of Oviedo