TC 3 | Iván Ares gets into the fight

Rally Blendio Princesa de Asturias

Morcín / Eurorepar

Iván Ares has sneaked into the fight of the Rally Princess of Asturias-City of Oviedo, marking the best time in the second pass of the Morcín section. The Galician pilot puts pressure on José Antonio Suárez Cohete who had achieved the first two scratches of the test and also on Pepe López, with whom the leadership of the Spanish Asphalt Rally Championship (CERA) and the ERT Iberia is disputed.

Iván Ares has achieved the best time although he has recognized that he has a mechanical problem that is causing his Hyundai I20 R5 to lose power and that made his driving more difficult.

At the end of TC 3, Cohete has been satisfied with his career and the improvement of time. "Now we know more about the car and that's fine," he explained. As for, Pepe López, who has left just over four seconds with respect to the Asturian driver, has explained how the race is taken: "We are calm but we are aware that we play a lot. We have to do our rally and show that we are able to win championships. "

Chus Puras, after the first time tick, has done much better. The sensations are better and it shows in his chronos. "We have been very fine, without making mistakes. We are adapting to the car. With the puncture we lost four minutes, so it will be very difficult to recover and approach the head."