Final Summary | Cohete, a stratospheric superiority

Rally Blendio Princesa de Asturias

Eight of the eleven scratches and almost two minutes on the second. The superiority of José Antonio Suárez Cohete in this 56th edition of the Rally Princesa de Asturias-Ciudad de Oviedo has been stratospheric. The Asturian pilot has imposed for the second consecutive year and already accumulates three victories in his total balance, added that of the year 2013. "After months fucked at home, we are back," said Cohete, who has gone through moments very complicated this season. At the wheel of a Skoda Fabia R5, along with co-driver Alberto Iglesias, he has made a final time of 1: 41: 52,800 hours.

Iván Ares and Pepe Lóez, his two main a priori rivals, have been staying in the gutter. Both maintain a hard dispute in the ERT Iberian Rally Trophy and in the Spanish Asphalt Rally Championship (Terra Mundis Wax) and arrived at the Princess of Asturias-City of Oviedo with the need to score. None have done it, so nothing has moved. Pepe López, on his Citroën C3 R5, co-piloted by Borja Hernández, got out of the road when thre was only one kilometer left to the finish line in the second pass to the Llanera section. Ares has resisted a little more. He has marked a pair of scratches and shadowed Cohete up to Colunga, the longest timed of this edition. In TC 8, in the first pass to Colunga, Ares, driving his Hyundai i20 R5, along with David Vázquez, suffered an accident. One wheel was seriously damaged. Although he crossed the finish line, he was not able to reach the planned regrouping at Grúas El Roxu.

These abandonments left the way to Surhayén Pernía, in his Hyundai i20 R5, with Alba Sánchez, as co-pilot. Pernía has made the second best time and has stayed almost two minutes from Cohete. "We have played the trick of regularity," said the Cantabrian. Another driver in which all eyes were on was Chus Puras, eight-time Cera Terra Mundis champion, on his return to the competition. Puras took all the pressure off a puncture in the first section, that of Morcín, which left him without options. However, he has continued in the race, improving his feelings and has managed to score the last scratch of the day at TC 11. If it had not been for the 4:46 minutes he lost, he could have fought to climb the podium.

RMC Cup N5

The N5 RMC Cup has been won by the pilot Álvaro A. Iglesias, co-piloted by Rodrigo Sanjuan, at the controls of a Ford Fiesta. At 1:17. 200 minutes is Angel Paniceres, with a Kia Rio, next to Francisco Javier Álvarez. This Cup was led by Fredi Tamés from Llanes, co-piloted by Ramón Suárez. But a mechanical breakdown in TC 10 Nava left them out.

Suzuki Swift Cup

Just a little over a minute, the Suzuki Swift Cup has also been resolved. Oscar Sarabia, supported by co-driver Juan Antonio Dertiano, with co-driver Laura Salvo, has imposed on Miguel García.

Dacia Sandero Rally Cup

The Dacoa Sandero Cup has been solved for just 10 seconds. The pilot Jonathan Álvarez, along with co-driver María Elvira, has imposed with a time of 2: 13: 52,800 hours. Juan José López, co-piloted by David Feito, is 10,600 seconds away.