Second stage. Duel between José Antonio Suárez Cohete and Iván Ares

Rally Blendio Princesa de Asturias

The second stage of the 56 Princesa de  Asturias Rally City of Oviedo begins with an exciting duel for the victory between José Antonio Suárez Cohete and Iván Ares.
The Spaniard and Alberto Iglesias began leading the rally from the first special and have maintained this position until the end of the stage, only the Galician Iván Ares, who finished at 17,400 seconds, was capable of approaching and snatching them two scratches. The Cantabrian Surhayen Pernia will start in third position.

Bad luck for one of the favorites to win, the leader of the Spanish Super Rally Championship (S-CER) Pepe López who said goodbye when he got out of the road on the SS4 Llanera Autocenter Principado. The other member of the Citroen team, the Cantabrian Chus Puras was also not lucky to face his return to the competition, after suffering a puncture in the first part that delayed him throughout the day.

Behind the podium stalls, two vehicles of the N5 category, the Andorran Joan Vinyes with the official Suzuki Swift and the Spaniards Alberto Ordoñez and Nacho García with the Volkswagen Polo, have so far set a great rally in their raid to the national in the home test.

The Nm Cup of Rmc is led by Fredi Tamés and Ramón Suárez with an advantage of 20.7 seconds over Álvaro A. Iglesias and Rodrigo Sanjuan and 1: 15.8 over Ángel Paniceres and F. Javier Álvarez.

Oscar Sarabia and Juan Antonio Dertiano lead the Suzuki Swift Cup.

Jonathan Álvarez and Elvira Moreno lead the Dacia Sandero Rally Cup.

The promotion cup promoted by the Asturian Automobile Federation, Volan Fapa, also decided to enter the national event on the occasion of this 56 Princess Rally. Diego Ruiloba and Andrés Blanco head the small Peugeot.

Diego Acevedo and Juan Manuel Rodríguez led in the Ecomodular Challenge. They also took part in the National Contest with the Peugeot 206 where they are playing a magnificent role with very good timetables.

On this second day, after having made the protocol exit on Thursday in Uría Street, the participants of the regional contest are incorporated into the competition, in which no regional cup or trophy has wanted to miss this 56 Princess Rally of Asturias City of Oviedo ; the Beteta Cup Cars, the Aramo Rozas Propulsion Cup, the Luisón Trophy, the Homologastur Turbo Cup, the Sportech Kopa, from the Basque Country and the Legend Princesa Trophy.

Three sections, which will be repeated twice, will form this second stage:

TC6 Siero - Roxu Group: 9:34 am.

TC7 Nava - Caja Rural de Asturias: 10:17 am.

TC8 Colunga - Recalvi: 10:54 am.

At 12:29 pm., an essential in the Princess Rally, the Regrouping in Roxu Cranes.

TC9 Siero - Roxu Group: 2:49 p.m.

TC10 Nava - Caja Rural de Asturias: 3:33 p.m.

TC11 Colunga - Recalvi: 4:10 pm.

At 18:14 pm, the teams that manage to finish the rally will begin to enter the Final Park, and then at 7:00 p.m. to finish off this 56th edition with the Awards Ceremony in downtown Calle Uría from Oviedo.