Final Summary | Cohete, a stratospheric superiority

Eight of the eleven scratches and almost two minutes on the second. The superiority of José Antonio Suárez Cohete in this 56th edition of the Rally Princesa de Asturias-Ciudad de Oviedo has been stratospheric. The Asturian pilot has imposed for the second consecutive year and already accumulates three victories in his total balance, added that of the year 2013. "After months fucked at home, we are back," said Cohete, who has gone through moments very complicated this season. At the wheel of a Skoda Fabia R5, along with co-driver Alberto Iglesias, he has made a final time of 1: 41: 52,800 hours.

Everything about the rally in a click

Fans have the entire 56th edition of the Rally Princesa de Asturias-Ciudad de Oviedo at the click of a button. The official website is connected to a modern application, so the content is identical for those who prefer to be informed through a traditional site or those who opt for mobile or tablet, with an app available for Android and Apple. The figures show its undeniable success. The app accumulates almost 20,000 downloads. On the first day of this edition, all records of page views have been broken, with more than 238,000.

Mass regrouping in El Roxu

Once the first three timed of the day have been completed, the cars have been regrouped at the Grúas El Roxu facilities in Siero. The regrouping, lasting 20 minutes, has been massive. Many fans have approached the site, to see both cars and drivers, who have taken a break, have gone down and exchanged impressions with the teams and the accredited media. The public has taken the opportunity to take cameras and mobiles and take the best images of their favorites.

Only Iván Ares shadows Cohete

The first day of the Rally Princesa de Asturias-City of Oviedo has been a hand in hand between José Antonio Suárez Cohete and Iván Ares in which, for the moment, the Asturian pilot has won. Both seem to be going out the way they had planned. Ares has taken his main competitor out of the way in both the ERT Iberian and the Spanish Asphalt Rally Championship (CERA), the Madrid-born Pepe López, who in Llanera's TC 4, has been left out in a curve to the left, in which it has ended up crashing into a slope. Cohete, meanwhile, has regained the pulse in a campaign in which it has not been able to contest all the tests. Worse luck has run Chus Puras that in the first special of the day, on his return to the competition, suffered a puncture. He continued in the race but without victory options.

This is the modern career direction of the 56 Rally Princesa de Asturias-City of Oviedo

Seven television screens, about twenty people, computers, stations, applications ... The career direction of the 56th edition of the Rally Princesa de Asturias-City of Oviedo uses all the technology at its disposal to organize this test that every year moves thousands of fans. Although its physical headquarters are in the Palace of Exhibitions and Congresses of Oviedo, its tentacles reach all those points where the race is underway.

Inauguration of our Fan Zone

Alfredo Canteli, mayor of the City Council of Oviedo, has been responsible for cutting this morning the opening ribbon of the Fan Zone, along with councilors Concepción Suárez and Gerardo Antuña; and Julian Moreno, president of the Automobile Club Principado de Asturias; Tomas Manuel Fernández, Mayor of Ribera de Arriba; and Manuel Aviño and Carlos Márquez, presidents of the Spanish and Asturian Automobile Federation.

The competition begins

A massive exit ceremony of the 56th Princess of Asturias Rally City of Oviedo carried by the president of the Principality, Adrián Barbón, and the councilors of Oviedo Mario Arias and Concepción Méndez took place yesterday afternoon at Uría Street in Oviedo, starting today the competition itself.